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Events 2019 - 20

Constitution Day Celebration.

Constitution Day Celebration. {More...}

Children's day 2020

Children's day was celebrated today through virtual mode as a tribute to our India's First Prime Minister, "Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru". {More...}

Fun and Frolic 2020

" There is no garden as beautiful as childhood " A day marking childhood was celebrated with fun and frolic at kindergarten. Students were experienced a power packed virtual program specially arranged for the children. {More...}

Kannada Rajyotsava 2020

Grade 1 to 5 celebrated Kannada Rajyotsava. Significance of the day, importance of kannada Language were taught to the students by the kannada teachers. Children participated with joy and vigour in all the grades. {More...}

Awareness on COVID

Continuation of the Awareness on COVID, today. {More...}

Awareness on COVID

Virtual COVID awareness program was conducted on 22nd October to all the grades. Students participated enthusiastically and took the pledge to follow strict COVID protocol. {More...}

Celebrating festivals

Celebrating festivals is an integral part of learning. Students not only learn the significance behind the festival but they also learn to embrace other traditions and culture.keeping up to this tradition the festival of Dussehra {More...}

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  • Junior School
  • Senior School
  • PTM

50 Days of Happiness, Happier Together

"Smile is the Universal Language of Kindness" Kindergarten Section Celebrated "50 days of happiness" with a happier together theme. {More...}

Blue Day

The 4th estate, which consists of all newspaper organizations, is governed by set standards and regulations; they are mandated to report on all events objectively, or so it is supposed to be. {More...}

Conservation day

Necessity is the mother of invention. It was the innovative mind of human's and the need of the hour that gave birth to the creations of different equipment to enable us to live life as we today. {More...}

Doctors Day

Learning through play part of Doctors day celebration The young minds of P.P.S paid homage to the medical profession by celebrating Doctors day on July 19th . {More...}

Doll Exhibition

To promote the cultural significance of Dassahra Doll Exhibition was organised. Children brought variety of dolls from the old mythological dolls to the present age dolls which were and exhibited on the stepped platform {More...}

Field Trip

Learning expedition to the Jus'Trufs 'Chocolatiers Jakkur. Chocolate factory visit to help children explore the ways chocolate making and the chocolate they savour. {More...}

Graduation Day


Green day

Green the colour of life. Green day was celebrated in nursery. where the child learnt about the importance of green colour and the positive effects it has on our lives. {More...}

Martyrs Day

"In honor of those who served and sacrificed their lives" To instill among the students the respect for sacrifices and gallant efforts made by Indians for the pride and honor of nation. {More...}

National leaders appreciation Day

The students of K.G presented a class assembly on the topic "National leaders appreciation Day" on 14th .students paid tribute to the leaders.students came dressed up in attractive colourful and theme based costumes {More...}

Natural flavours day

K.G had a very flavourful day celebrating natural flavours. Flavour is an important characteristic of the food we eat every day. We wanted to bring the importance of natural flavours to our students and the health benefits of it. {More...}

Onam Celebration

Flowers and celebrations have a strong connection. The theme of this month was flowers. As Kerala has sprung back to life and everything has turned bright. {More...}

Proverb day

As you sow so you shall reap The special assembly by the staff of K.G was on 9th August. A special focus on kindness, patience, compassion, good thoughts, Right effort, mindfulness, truthfulness, gratitude. {More...}

Rainbow day

Our world is filled with colours.A very important part of learning k.g years is identification and recognition of colours. Rainbow fun days with colours celebrated on 27th June. {More...}


Rakshabandan is a festival which celebrates the love affection between brothers and sisters. The students of UKG participated enthusiastically in the Rakhi making Competition {More...}

World Heart Day

The special assembly was conducted by Nursery students..During this special assembly helps kids to understand the importance of a healthy heart and share information about the importance of physical activity {More...}

August month Assembly - tribute to the leaders


Balanced Diet

"Balanced diet" assembly was conducted for the October month ...activities were held teaching children healthy food habits and importance of pulses, cereals and home food

Doctors Check up

An awareness program about "Dengue" to the students by the doctors who visited the campus for check up

Doctors Day

"Doctors Day" was celebrated on 1st August 2019 in Junior Block to lay emphasis on the value of doctors in our lives. Students paid a perfect tribute to all the doctors who have made relentless

Fathers Day

Father's Day is celebrated to honor all the fathers. This day is celebrated to express gratitude for fatherhood and male parenting

Fun Activity

More fun activity with Pencil Stub was taught to junior block students in CCA period on 31/10/19..very beautiful creative arts were made by the children and they posed those to their

Collecting the Balls competition of junior school

Collecting the Balls competition of junior school grade 3 to 5 girls

Mini Basket Ball Interhouse competition

Grade 3-5 "Girls Mini Basket Ball Interhouse competition" was held on 31/10/19. First place - Hoysalas

Talent Hunt

" With Ordinary talent and extra ordinary perseverance, all things are attainable" "Talent Hunt Competition was held

"Best out of Waste" Competition

There is no such thing as "waste" when we throw anything way, it is used somewhere. "Waste disposal - Reuse" activity was held in junior block in CCA period

"Air pollution" and "Waste disposal management"

"Air pollution" and "Waste disposal management" was taught to Grade 1-5 children on 27-06-19 in CCA period. Children were taught the waste segregation process displaying

Award Ceremony 2019-20

The award ceremony observed on 5th July at senior school was a joyous occasion The chairman Mr. N. Kumar congratulated the school toppers of ICSE 2018-19 Ms.Prisha Lakshmi R and Master.

Children's Day

Children's Day was celebrated in Patel Public School on 14thNoveber2019,on the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Debate Competition

Debate is a process that involves formal discourse on a particular topic, often including a moderator and audience.

Graduation Day

Graduation ceremony was celebrated on 1st February 2020,Saturday ,in the presence of the Honourable founder president.

Independence Day

Independence day was celebrated at senior block, in Patel Public School on 15th august 2019. Program was started with welcome speech, our honorable Chairman Sir Mr. N Kumar hoisted the national flag

World International Yoga Day

Yoga helps us to control our mind and body. International Yoga day was observed 21st June in senior school campus.

Investiture Ceremony 2019-20

Investiture Ceremony is a platform which showcases the leadership qualities of our students. On July 5th 2019 all the newly elected school council leaders were put to office ceremoniously.

Karnataka Rajyotsava Celebration

Karnataka Rajyotsava was celebrated on 1st November 2019 in Patel Public School. Programme started with lighting the lamp and inaugural song.

One-act play Competition

One-act play builds confidence, concentration and helps to develop communication encouraging the emotional intelligence.

Inter House Science Quiz Competition

The Inter House Quiz competition held on 10.10.19 to Senior School students was a testimony to reflect the scientist in us.

Badminton Comptetion Doubles 2019


Foot Ball 2019-20


Inter House Tennikoit Game Competition 2019-20


Student Council Election

Election to the student's council for the academic year 2019-20 was conducted in Patel Public School on 27th June 2019. The school organized pre-election candidate program for the contestants.

Teachers Day

September 5th 2019 was a perfect tribute to mark the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Teachers day celebration at Patel Public School was a day filled with joy, fun and exuberance.

Gratitude is the fairest blossom of the spirit

Thanks giving day was observed in Senior school along with prize distribution on Monday 17th February 2020.
It was the special day to honour and acknowledge the non-academic skills of the students {More...}

Yoga Competition National Level

It's a pleasure to inform that Council's National Sports & Games - 2019 held at Ranchi on 21st and 22nd Oct. Our students MasterPrajwal Gowda G of 7 A secured 3rd place in Altheletic Yoga {More...}

Yoga Competition State level

Kudos to all the students for winning First Place in Girls Group Event and Second Place in Boys under 14 Junior Group Event at Council School Sports and Games 2019, Karnataka Region Yoga Competition held at Deccan International School {More...}



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