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2015 Events

Independence Day

Independence Day

Drawing Competition

Drawing Competition



Awareness rallies - The students and teachers took out an awareness rally on plant trees, save life, Dengue awareness, Traffic awareness etc, Environment Day Celebration on June 5th same photo can go on without the year being mentioned. During the rally, the students distributed hand bills and carried... {More...}

Investiture Ceremony - 2015

Investiture Ceremony -'Before you are a leader success is all about growing yourself when you become a leader Success is all about growing others.' With this thought the newly appointed Council members of Patel Public School marched in with heads held high to the beautiful beats of the... {More...}

Award Ceremony

Our students stand out from the rest, be in academics, activities or sports. Annual Prize Distribution is organized every year to reward these achievers. It is a glorious celebration. It is significant both for teachers and students. An aroma of pleasure runs everywhere in the school campus this day... {More...}

Election 2015

Elections are fantastic fun and students also get a serious message that voting is very important. It engaged the students in the democratic process. The process was designed to be as realistic as possible...

Morning Assembly

Our assemblies are remarkable which embarks on various themes and values such as unity, peace, hope, patience, care, simplicity, understanding, trust, freedom etc,. It helps in developing personality of a child...

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Ethnic wear Competition:

Culture is a very important thing to be taught to the blooming buds for a better foundation. We at our school always emphasize on culture and discipline. Alike every year we celebrated pongal by having an ETHNIC WEAR COMPETITION on 13 January 2015. All the little ones came in traditional... {More...}

Christmas Celebrations & Prize Day:

Kindergarten Wing on 23 Dacember2014 of our school presented of programmes to celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus. Students showcased the Nativity Play followed by the Junior Choir group singing Christmas carols in praise of the Lord. They enjoyed and relished the tasty chocolates & danced together... {More...}

Water World:

Water is the gift of god and it is precious. To make kids aware of the importance and effective utility of water an event was held in the campus. The nursery section was decorated with various charts depicting the importance of water. All the children had various activities lined up for them... {More...}

Colouring Competition:

SCENERY was the theme of the year. A drawing competition was held on 17 October 2014. The hunt for creative skill was really exuberant as their innocence on paper looked beautiful. Also prizes were awarded to the best of creativity. {More...}

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration:

Cultural feast was held on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi dated 28 Aug 2014. The whole campus was in gusto. All children passionately participated in shlokas recitation and dance performances. Every child was filled with devotion and brought flowers and were blessed with prasadams.... {More...}

Action Songs:

Rhymes recitation took place on 22 August 2014. The nursery and kindergarten kids recited rhymes in the form of action songs with a prop in their hand. Their innocent and beautiful actions and their stuttering words was a wonderful bliss to the eyes and ears... {More...}

Jungle Day Celebration:

The Jungle Day celebrations took place on 25 July 2014. The activity based joyful celebration drew memorable moments to the spectators and an activity based learning to the tender minds. Kids were dressed up with animal attires and various skits and dances were performed... {More...}

Environment Day Celebration:

World Environment Day was celebrated on 5 June 2014 and was centered to inspire the students to become active about the environment and learn more about ways they can help to ensure the future of our planet to be safe. The whole campus was in gusto and... {More...}

Election of Captains:

Elections of the student body council took place on 24 June 2014 in the school campus. To ensure the integrity of the election process, staff and students participated in the process. A formal Secret Ballot paper voting method was followed. The whole election process flowed away ... {More...}

Award Ceremony:

The graduate's are always a part of our memories. On 27 June 2014 we conducted an Award Ceremony. The class Toppers, 100% attendance and outstanding students for 2013-2014 were congratulated with medals, certificates and cash prizes... {More...}

Investiture Ceremony:

PPS held its Investiture Ceremony to bestow the deserving students of the high school wing with responsibility of leading the school from front. The school organized Investiture Ceremony for the office bearers from high school wing on 27 June 2014. The prestigious ceremony began... {More...}

Drawing & Photography Competition:

Drawing competitions for the primary wing were held on 30 July 2014 class wise with themes like Flower& Butterfly, A house with Garden, Two Birds, Scenery and Pollution Control. The best creative pictures were awarded prizes. Drawing & Photography Competitions for the high school wing ... {More...}

Colours Day:

A Colours Day is celebrated every year with a theme. This theme creates a colourful ambience in the campus with lots of joy and cheers. The year's theme was Neon Colours. The inquisitive minds of the children have lots of power. The neon colours like yellow and green means warmth,.. {More...}