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Events 2022 - 23


The Students of Grade 6 depositing money in their newly opened savings accounts at Bank of Baroda, HBR Layout Branch...


Janmashtami in Kindergarten
The birth of Lord Krishna being celebrated with great pomp & show surprise...


It's not just a day ; it's a lifetime of gratitude ! PPS KG to Grade 2 in celebrating the heroes of our school this Teachers Day !




"Teaching is the art of changing lives." Teachers inspire minds and touch hearts. "A teacher's impact lasts a lifetime."


A harvest festival celebrated with pookkalam & kaikottikali by our little ones.


Doll & Me has been an activity based event for the Nursery students to strengthen the speaking skill among the tiny tots. Students dressed up & brought their favorite {More...}

Public speaking

Public speaking is important for students as it helps to develop critical thinking, creativity, and communication skills. It also enhances one's ability to adapt to {More...}

Chess Game

Chess builds the mental abilities of a person helping him/her towards better strategies for life. It provides for the constant development of the human mind. {More...}

Onam festival

There are festivals for every season and every occasion. The festivals are an expression of the joy of the people of India. They are a part of the rich cultural heritage {More...}

Rakhi Making competition

Students of Grade 1 participated in the Rakhi Making competition held on 22nd and made colourful Rakhi's. Students displayed their talents and created various {More...}

Humanitarian Day

" Life's most persistent & urgent question is, " What are you doing for others " ? To sensitize students about humanity & it's need in distress& environment {More...}

Independence Day Celebration at Senior School.


Independence Day Celebration at Junior School.


Fancy dress competition-Grade 1 and 2


Poster making competition- Grade 7 and 8.


Debate Competition

The aim of organizing debate competition is to hone the public speaking skills of the students and teach them to be articulate while expressing their thoughts and opinions. {More...}

Cooking Without Fire

" Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients recipes & cooking . It's harnessing imagination empowerment & Creativity " Grade 1 & 2 students donned their chef caps to exhibit their culinary skills on 8th August 23 {More...}

Let's celebrate Emojis !

Emoji is a small digital icon that says everything without words. Student's of UKG celebrated World Emoji Day on 21st July 23.We have been talking to students about feelings they have for their family {More...}

Senior School Inter House Table Tennis tournament


Inter house Sub-juniors Chess tournament


World Tiger Day

" The tiger is a symbol of beauty, strength & nationality, so save the tiger & save our nation pride" To promote this cause students of LKG participated enthusiastically in special activities on the occasion. {More...}

Karate coaching- A self defence art.


Puppet Making

" Puppets can say things that humans can't " The students of grade 1 & 2 were engaged in a very creative activity 'puppet making'. {More...}

Best out of waste creative activity by students of grade 3 to 5



" Expressions of learning go beyond words"
Our UKG students have found creative & artistic ways to convey their insights to Farm animals. through a famous rhyme {More...}

Table tennis practice

Table tennis practice by senior boys.


Nature's Palette

" A day to celebrate the colours in nature "
The tiny tots of class LKG brought those smiles to the school when they came dressed in primary

Scouts & Guides

"Be prepared for the service of the mankind'.
Scouts and Guides program is an initiative which helps.to foster important values like honesty, friendship, dignity, patience, integrity, {More...}

SUPW classes


Go Green

"Magic happens when creativity & collaboration come together"
This was proven during our VAN MAHOTSAV
" Go Green" Fancy dress competition held on 14th July 23 for the students of class U K G. Students {More...}

Investiture Ceremony 2023

"Serve with Pride, Lead with Confidence"
The 'Investiture Ceremony' for academic year 2023-24 was held on 13th, July 2023 with great solemnity. There was an aura of expectancy as the beaming faces of the elected student council members marched {More...}

Award Ceremony

"Excellence is a potential chiseled into a more perfect state through Vision, dedication and determination'. A word of appreciation makes a world of difference. Winning an award is always a special moment and honour to cherish. Defining the vision of excellence in education, the "Award Ceremony" for academic {More...}


" As long as there is chocolate there will be happiness "
To spread the happiness among teachers & students chocolate day was celebrated by the tiny tots of nursery on 7th July 2023. The tiny tots came dressed in chocolate {More...}


Thank you Doctor you are a life saver!!!!
To honor the legendary Doctors the students of grade 1 observed Doctors Day on 1st July 2023 by conducting a role play and enacted as Doctors captured the mind & {More...}

World Music Day

We welcomed world music day with open hearts & minds echoing the spirit of the drum beats. The students Charvik from Grade 2, Priyesh & Preethesh from Grade 5 embodied the art of music. Grade 1 & 2 students put on a remarkable display of rock stars adding {More...}

"Leadership is a constant Education"

The House captains Election was held on 30th June 2023.The main objective of the election is to provide a platform to the students to understand the concept of Democracy. Students are given an opportunity to develop leadership qualities. {More...}


" Discover your inner peace with YOGA " Presenting YOGA DAY to fit think positive and feel happy, our UKG students celebrated the YOGA day on campus with much energy {More...}


"Music is the language the whole world speaks" Thumb printing the Guitar for Music Day at Kindergarten.


Yoga Is Not Touching Your Toes

Yoga Is Not Touching Your Toes, it is what you learn on the way down." INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY "Vasudhevakutumbakam" was observed on 21st June 2023 , by the Senior school students. The students performed yoga asanas {More...}

Museum Visit

The students of grade 8 visited The Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum (VITM), Bangalore on 17th June 2023. This splendid museum, dedicated to the memory of Bharat Ratna M. Visvesvaraya, the architect of modern Karnataka {More...}

The highest education

"The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence "RABINDRA TAGORE On June 20th 2023, grade 2 students celebrated "Rabindra Jayanti" to {More...}


Have you ever wanted to be a character in a story ? Well our grade 1 students got a chance to dress up as their super favorite characters from their preferred heroes as part of the weekly {More...}

Sandesha Museum

The Students of grade 8 visited Sandesha Museum of Communication/Bangalore Postal Museum on 17th June 2023 to understand India's rich history of postal and communication. A postal museum is a museum dedicated to the display of objects {More...}


Graduation Day is not just the cessation of school life, but simultaneously, the commencement of life outside the four walls of this safe refuge. No wonder, the day... {More...}

Gyan UKG

Gyan UKG Graduation Ceremony held on 17th February 2023...


Kindergarten Open Day

'Prayatna' observed on 28th January 2023 gave a sneak peek of the classroom bound activities such as presentations ,Models ,Charts, picture talk and fun filled art and craft work... {More...}

Sankranti Celebration


Annual Sports Meet-Kreeda 2022 (Grade 3 to Grade 10)

If there is one field of life which teaches us the most valuable lessons about perseverance, patience in fact what constitutes a perfect character, it is sports. On 23rd December 2022, Patel Public School hosted its 29th... {More...}

Annual Sports Meet (KG to Grade 2)

Kreeda 2022, observed on 22nd December 2022 for Kindergarten and Grade 1 and 2 was mesmerizing, filled with fun and frolic. The day marked sportsmanship, perseverance... {More...}

Inter House I.T Quiz competition

There is nothing like a little competition to make for perfection. Keeping this in mind the Inter-House IT Quiz Competition was organized in which students of class 6 to 10.. {More...}

KG-Activity Based Learning

"Play is a, natural thing for children, therefore children learn best through play. Learning shouldn't feel like hard work, it should be enjoyable {More...}

Children's Day celebration

Childhood is a blessing and the most fun filled phase of life. To mark such an occasion children's day was celebrated on 14-11-2022 in our school premises. The programme began {More...}

KG Winners List


Kannada Rajyotsava Celebration


  • Junior School
  • Senior School

CCA Winners


CCA Winners


The students of class 1 A presented an assembly highlighting

The students of class 1 A presented an assembly highlighting the Values associated with the " Character & Success.1B presented " Values of {More...}

Thematic Class Assembly

Assemblies are a powerful way to affect & motivate both teachers & students. Beginning the class with a morning assembly can set the tone for the day & the week. {More...}

Inter House Dramatic competition

"Good times are never ending when we are playing and pretending" Drama is a strong medium of communication. In order {More...}


Rangoli is a fabulous hand drawing art, in which patterns are created on the floor using materials such as colours, diyas, flower petals, glitters etc. It is a way to express imagination. {More...}

"Deepavali is festival of lights"

Grade 1 to 5 had an activity related to Deepavali.Students had an opportunity to bring out their hidden creativity within themselves. {More...}

Science generates solutions

'Science generates solutions for every day life and helps us to answer the great mysteries of the as universe. In other words, {More...}

Independence Day

Independence Day was celebrated at Senior Block on 15th August 2022 with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor. Programme started with welcome speech. {More...}

Investiture Ceremony

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become, you are a leader" Investiture ceremony is a formal occasion of conferring the authority which instils the spirit in a leader. {More...}

International yoga day

" Yoga is not an exercise. It is a process and system through which human beings can find their highest possible potential " {More...}

Nation First Always First

On 15th August 2022 , The school celebrated 75 years of Indian Independence with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor. Senior school students put up a plethora of events like a skit depicting the journey of India towards freedom liberating India from the clutches of {More...}