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Activites (2016-17)

K.G Activities

Red Day
It was observed on 17/6/16 and of great significance. It filled the campus with excitement. The magical colour red made a huge impact on emotions and passion. All the kids dressed in red. And all the dishes in red and decorations in red took everyone by surprise... {More...}
Earth Day
It high lighted the importance of Earth and its protection. It was observed on 23/6/16 on the eve of Environment day.Children presented placards ane were dressed in Green to symbolize environment... {More...}
Feelings And Emotions
Children cry, smile, laugh and nag. Such feelings were identified and it was presented in the form of a skit on 30th June. It was a delightful day with a blend of feelings and emotions ... {More...}
Father's Day
Father who is a strong bonding source was revered on 29/7/16. Kids felt proud of their father and presented a beautiful skit and poured their love and affection... {More...}
Independence Day
Patriotism and feeling of oneness was taught to the children on the eve of Independence Day. The nation was saluted by these little ones through a musical presentation on 12/8/16... {More...}
Grandparents Day
Grandparents who will bring the past and present generation closer through their unconditional love had a special day at Patel kindergarten on 18/9/16. All the grandparents were overwhelmed with the splendid presentation on Lord Krishna. They cherished the memory of the day and expressed their gratitude to the organization... {More...}
Activity (2016-17)

Junior Block Activities

Environment Day
The year began with Environment day competitions like drawing, singing, skit on "Save Trees", Declamation, Essay Writing marked the entire June month. A skit on Chipko Movement presented by the students of Grade 4 and 5 was appreciable. {More...}
Talent Hunt
It gave an opportunity to each child to bring out the best buried deep within. It showcased the talent like Shloka Chanting, Collage Making, Pot Painting, Quilling, Origami, Dancing, Singing etc. {More...}
Co- Curricular Activities
An ocean of co-curricular activities like Spell Bee, Pick and Speak, Greeting Card making, Debate, Speech, Dance, Singing, Mono Acting made each month at CCA period special. Many special prizes were bagged by children. Children took the teacher s by surprise with their abundant talent. {More...}
Senior Block Activities

Environmental Day
The year began with Environmental Day celebration on 6/6/2016. The Eco Club took up the initiative to brisk up the theme Swachh Bharath by cleaning up the surrounding of the school campus... {More...}
International Yoga Day
It was celebrated on 21/6/16 and gave a new vigor to the holistic approach to health and fitness through yoga The yoga presentation from Junior Block was mind blowing.Chairman Mr.N. kumar delivered a speech on the importance of practicing yoga regularly.{More...}
Student Council Election
It was held on 22/6/16 which was a meticulous reflection of democratic proceedings. The students became first order citizens to franchise their voting rights. The results were declared by the next day.{More...}
Investiture ceremony
On 29/6/16 Investiture Ceremony inducted newly elected office bearers. The Student Council took up the oath to live up to the expectations of the mission of the school... {More...}
Award ceremony
It added pride and honour to the achievers on 29/6/16. Cash prize and medals were presented to the toppers of 2015-16 Grade X of both ICSE and State stream... {More...}
Talent Hunt
It gave ample opportunity for each one to participate and bring out the best. Students took part in Drawing, Dance, Craft, Songs and Shloka Chanting competitions. {More...}
Co- Curricular Activities
Science experiments made the students to lay their hands on learning.Many Co- Curricular Activities like Pick and Speak, Creative writing, Science quiz made a perfect blend of overall composition to the growth of a student... {More...}
Independence Day
Independence Day on 15th August commemorated the sovereignty of our motherland. The Chairman Mr.N.Kumar unfurled the tricolor flag followed by a skit depicting the journey of India towards freedom and a patriotic dance stirring up patriotism in one and all. {More...}
Teacher's day
'Acharya Devo Bhava' as the Sanskrit verse goes the "Beacon of Knowledge" Guru was honoured on 5th September. Grade 10 students made every teacher feel special on that day... {More...}
Morning Assembly
Our assemblies are unique and educative. Skit to highlight the right method of Ganesh Idol Immersion on the eve of Ganesha Chaturthi was impressive. It is also a stage for many educative science experiments. {More...}