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Co - Curricular Activities

Club Secretaries

Club Name Club Secretary
Eco Club Shivapriya
Science Club Darshan V
Literary Club Gaurav Sing
IT Club Sonica M Kannur
Cultural Club Spruha S
Humanitarian Club Hemanth M.R
Math Club Prajwal Gowda G

Various Club Activities conduceted in the School

Eco Science Maths
Rally Experimentation Charts
Poster Making Models Lab Activity
Awareness Walkathon Charts Preparation of Models
Science Talk

Literary Humanity Cultural
Debate Mock Corporation Drawing
Recitation Visit to Bank Post Office Yoga
Extempore Stamp & Coin Collection Music
Creative Writing Community Services Dance
Elocution Exhibition Craft

Information Technology

* Powerpoint Presentation
* Animation in Scratch
* Programming in Java, HTML
* Quiz in IT World

Co - Curricular Activities

Junior School Senior School
Poster Making Poster Making
Story Telling Creative Writing
Bouquet Making Declamation
Creative Writing Debate
Fancy Dress Dramatics
Handwriting Public Speaking
Quiz Competition Science & IT Quiz

The essence of education lies in drawing out the very best that is in you.

Stellar of clubs
Having a staunch belief in the above thought, We at our school keep moving ahead by exposing our students to a plethora of exciting club activities under the able mentorship of our multitalented teachers.

Eco Club:
Club Secretary : Bhuvan Tejomay

Eco club is created to spread awareness among the students towards the nature. On the eve of International Environmental day the club observes rallies, swachta abhyan , awareness programmes etc., every year.

Science club:
Club Secretary : Dhivesh S

Science is the quintessence of life. Students learn quite al lot and observation, experimentation critical analysis and application domain gets sharpened. The science club holds science talk, quiz and science exhibition every year.

Math club:
Club Secretary : Prisha Lakshmi R

Mathematical skills develops the life skills and nurtures good acumen. Our math club creates interest in the subject through various math art and craft activities integrating art in maths .National maths day is observed with various working models on maths.

Literary Club :
Club Secretary : Shrikanth M.Kannur

Literary club makes students life-ready and improves grammatical, skills and develops good communication skills. Every month different activities are held and competitions like debate, declamation, spell bee, essay writing, one act play etc.,

Cultural club :
Club Secretary : Bhavya B

Cultural club helps a student to focus on performing art like dance, singing, Rangoli, Drawing etc., On all the major occasions of the celelbration students present hip-hop, Bharatanatyam, western classic free style dance programmes.

Humanities club :
Club Secretary : Charith Reddy K.P.

Humanities club focuses on moulding compassion empathy and sympathy among students. Students visit orphanage, old age home, schools for the underprivileged and contribute and donate the essential commodities.

IT Club :
Club Secretary : Abhinithi S