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- Prajin
A lot of people said that ICSE is hard for children to study, and they would not be able to have a stress free education moreover my son was supposed to join grade 1 but my instinct said my son is capable of learning ICSE; also his kindergarten teacher had assured me of his capabilities.

Then after looking for school in the surrounding came across this school known popularly as PPS ,Patel Public School ,with positive reviews in the vicinity. Being the pandemic period, took my son for interview which he passed with flying colours.

Even though My son was capable, I was worried how the school would mould him for his future and on the 1st day of the school which happened to be online [due to pandemic]. My son could not literally understand/follow as that was the first time, he would be seeing around 30 students in a class.

Initial few days he struggled because of the previous year portions recap but slowly he got used to the flow and was able to understand his teacher's way of teaching. As days passed by and pandemic also slowly showing some light of school opening, the day came when online classes would be stopped.

1st day of offline school I was still anxious as he would be going to school after 2years and that to a new environment. As we dropped him at the school entrance. His teacher welcomed him with open arms {Which is living continued even today. My son had a smile on his face and went into his class. Class teacher gave the class a smooth transition from the online class to the office which has my son go through the phase with ease. Within few day my son enjoyed the classes and was eager to go to school without any leave .

When it comes to the school education, needless to say that calmness with which the Teacher identifies the child's weakness and her enthusiasm is outstanding. The kind of attention they get from the children because of their teaching is fabulous. Every child is given a chance to lead the class and the Student of the month , badge makes the child even more excited for studying.

Teachers are being so calm to take the class along with them for the portion which are being taught. There is no hurry to complete any portion which assures you of children trying to understand the basics of the subject, daily activities are ensured that children note down in their diary and it is completed at home by checking the same next day. Every chapter at the end of it has its oral and written recap which helps children to remember for day to come. The monthly planner is issued in first week so that a parent can prepare what is in for the month. The tests are conducted with due diligence to enable the child understand his/her weak point and to study on particular subjects.

Patel Public School has been unique in giving special attention to individual kids and gives opportunities to show their talent like my son was entrusted to do a guard of honour welcome speech in front of the school students for a celebration which was his first. I was really pleased by the way My son gave his speech on a stage. It is such a kind of leadership and encouragement by the school authority to up bring the child at his young age which I cherish a lot.

Every month there is some or other activities or celebration in which children are made to have fun, compete in quiz, enjoy themselves which relieves of any stress in them.

My son new in grade 2 has grown in leaps and bounds in term of education and knowledge he has attained and all credit must be given to his teachers at PPS. I am now more a relieved parent rather than a happy parent to see that my son is in the hands of a school which I believe would take him to new standards for the classes to go by and make him a student of the future.